4 thoughts on “Normquote #1

  1. I dont see them praying a “sinners prayer” when Peter preached the gospel in Acts 2. But does this mean one can not pray to God, begging for his mercy and seeing ones self as lost, needing to be saved. Wonder what Paul was praying about prior to him being baptized? I do think Norm makes a good point and some people do think that some “formula prayer” saves, and many sites have such prayers listed for one to follow to be saved. Did Paul have such a formula when he prayed or was this from his guilty heart? I hope to see more input on this topic…..

  2. I can tell you for sure that they do believe this with all of their heart ! They honestly think they have a perfect hold to everything the bible teaches. So when you hear them speak….its bible. Least they think so. In all fairness, I do admire them for putting so much time in Gods word. Its too bad everyone doesnt dig in the word like they do. Ths is the main reason why callers who call in end up looking lost and end up making them look good. I honestly enjoyed the teaching at Martinsville, because they use powerpoint and the bible and you really can learn a great deal there….but dont dare disagree with them on doctrine, because this could get you booted out if you dont end up seeing things their way. Thats the sad part….its their way or the highway. In others words what they say is the bible….

  3. That goes with our old adage “speak where the Bible speaks.” It takes considerable cojones to maintain that view. It still gives me the shivers when I hear it said.

  4. having studied the “law of silence” I am well aware of the flaws and of the flaws with CENI. I hope that many more church of Christ people open their eyes to Gods grace and drop the legalistic ways, that has so devided the body of Christ.

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