While waiting for Thursday night’s broadcast…

On Sunday, James called in to Norm’s show (didn’t sound like James Oldfield) and said that they had gotten some spicy footage for Thursday’s “Word from the Lord”.  Apparently they went down to Greensboro and tried to ask some questions at a church and they were manhandled as they were escorted out.  Man, I wish I could make pre-emptive trips when these guys go out like this to let their target churches know who is coming and what to expect.  It’s interesting that they’re having to go out of the area now to get the spicy footage.
It’s almost like “Jerry Springer Goes To Church”.   Hmm… could be the Next Big Thing because of the writer’s strike!

Meanwhile, I came across another reasonable sounding Church of Christ person’s blog.


His posting called “Unity or Restoration” is pretty interesting, and shows an openness that I don’t find in the local guys.  I’d be interested in their opinion of this blogger.

Sola Dei Gloria!



3 thoughts on “While waiting for Thursday night’s broadcast…

  1. I am very familar with James voice. It was him, but I find this to be very child like. They honestly think they are doing a good thing when they go about acting this way, when in fact they are just hurting the cause of Christ and sinners are sittin back and saying “this is why I dont atend church anywhere”… They go around attacking people, as if they have a perfect understanding of scripture…and at the same time they are full of sects and division. You are very correct…they act very much like Jerry Springer…

  2. Where do these men reside? You mostly see these type in Texas, Tenn, and Alabama. You can tell a real man of God by what he preaches. Does he preach Christ? Or does he preach against everybody who disagrees with him? Please do be careful with these men and be watchful of tactics they may use. Do these men have a web page I can visit?

  3. Anyone reading, please note that I am not anti-church of Christ…far from it ! I have a great deal of respect for many in the church of Christ.

    Justification by faith and the Churches of Christ

    Churches of Christ often begin their study of the gospel by carefully examining the conversions listed in the book of Acts. Here the assumption is made that if a person will believe in God and be obedient to all of the same commands as the New Testament believers were at salvation, you can be saved as well.

    Unfortunately holding such a belief system as cooperating with New Testament commands for salvation puts the Church of Christ member at a great disadvantage when hearing the gospel for the very first time.

    For when someone shares with them how we are saved by personal faith in the Lord Jesus Christ, what they hear is that you can be saved by merely believing the facts of the Christian faith.

    And being well aware that “even the demons believe” and that just believing the facts of the Christian faith does not save, while correctly rejecting “easy-believe-ism” salvation, they also unfortunately reject the entire doctrine of salvation by personal faith in Jesus Christ.

    Thus they embrace a works gospel theology by default and seldom, if ever, come to a biblical understanding of what the doctrine of justification by faith actually teaches.

    The doctrine of justification by faith

    In contrast to this view, justification by faith begins with an understanding of our own great spiritual need and fallen spiritual condition before God.

    The Bible tells us that “all have sinned and fallen short of the glory of God” (Romans 3:23) and that we are all guilty before God for violating His commands and righteous standard of holiness (Romans 3:9-20).

    The penalty for sinning against God is death and eternal separation from Him (Romans 6:23) and God would be perfectly just to send anyone to hell because of their own willful disobedience to Him (Romans 3:19-20).

    But God is not only just and holy but also gracious and merciful and has made provision for our sin through Jesus Christ (Romans 3:21-26).

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