Charles Schulz was a wise man…

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2 thoughts on “Charles Schulz was a wise man…

  1. Unity means full and complete agreement…Unity is in a PERSON, not in a PRACTICE. Is unity and harmony established when one perspective submits to the other? Of course not! Unity is in a PERSON, not in a PRACTICE. When the church of Christ folk finally come to realize this, we will begin to see the barriers that divide come down…. you might want to check the front of Mac Lynn’s publication: Churches of Christ in the United States, where a host of factions are listed. It’s funny hearing these guys preach against denominations, when they are more divided than ever. Within the church of Christ movement are MANY factions and sects, which is just other words for “denominations”. Maybe they could do a show on TV, explaining how the church of Christ is so divided on issues, and then see how people take it when they preach against denominations. There is the group which has inferred that the church must use “one loaf, divided only as the participant takes his/her own portion.” There is the opposing faction that has inferred the church must use “one loaf, but the loaf must be broken before distribution.” Then there are all the rest who are characterized as “cracker pinchers” and “wafer swallowers.” And this doesn’t even factor in the dozens of feuding factions that have arisen over inferences and assumptions involving number of cups and what constitutes “fruit of the vine. The problem with those who embrace the CENI hermeneutic is they too frequently believe that what some mere man assumes or infers is EQUAL to what God Himself has commanded. Assumptions, then, very often become the basis for establishing authority with regard to the practice of the church. It matters not that God never commanded such a practice; it matters not that God never even mentioned such a practice, or spoke either for or against it; if I have assumed or inferred something from my study of the Scripture, then that is now perceived to be universal LAW binding upon all people everywhere, and if any dare to transgress these decrees they will forfeit everlasting life! This approach to the interpretation of Scripture has generated more schism and sectarian squabbling among your denomination than just about anything else Satan has slipped into our midst. May human deductions ever be elevated to equality with divine decree? I believe the answer to that question is a firm, forceful, unyielding “NO!!!” Far too frequently, however, some as you guys are saying “Yes,” and the horrendous division in the Body of Christ is the result of that flawed hermeneutical approach to establishing biblical authority and practice. Do our human inferences, assumptions and deductions have a place in our study and interpretation of Scripture? Yes, they do. I don’t think anyone would deny that. There are many things we assume and infer in our quest to better understand. These personal insights will have great bearing on our own individual convictions, and others may well share those same insights and convictions. Such agreement is indeed comforting to us, and helps to confirm our beliefs and understandings. Where too many have failed, however, is in their further assumption that their assumptions are in some way more insightful than those of their brethren with whom they differ. Their inferences, therefore, become the Standard by which all others are measured with regard to fitness for fellowship. As Campbell clearly noted, that is giving far more authoritative weight to human assumptions and deductions than is warranted.
    Yes, we must live by our own convictions (some of which will be influenced by our inferences), but we have no right to compel others to bow to our own insights. Ours are no more infallible than theirs… let us grant to others the same freedom to grow in understanding and knowledge that we claim for ourselves. We are all flawed, fallible fellow travelers through life; none of us has yet arrived at perfection of perception (well except for Johnny, James, Norm).

  2. Last week when I was home to my roots in Arkansas for the burial of our Mother, my sister and I were having a conversation about events. In our youth we were both brought up in the Church of Christ, but later in my life I chose to think for myself. How shocked and saddened I was when my sister who is still a member of the church of Christ told me how deeply concerned her 40+year old son was when his father died, and the first thought was “Mom, Daddy was never baptized, and I am having a problem with that”. I guess I was so startled and in my compassion for her son at his time of grief for his father, I did not validate his concern and let me tell you, this church of Christ believer tried to set me straight in a hurry. Bitter words were said which I do not feel I deserved because I had a different reaction to her good husband’s death from that of her and her son. Another goof I made was when deciding on the music to be played at our mother’s graveside, of the three songs my mother had requested,one was accompanied by instumetal music. The other two she did find accappela. My sister requested she continue to try and find it without the instument accompanying it, which she ultimately did. My question is – How can you worship a God who is this rigid, where the mechanics of your religious practice takes precedence of the message. Don’t you have more to lose, if by chance you are wrong about some little bitty thing. How can you be so sure?

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