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One of the reasons I started this blog was that I wasn’t receiving timely answers from Norm and James over on their blogs. I understand that we are all busy, and so I can’t fault them for that. However, I’d love to open my comments up to anyone who might be willing to answer, or Norm or James or even Johnny Robertson, if they’d care to take a stab.

My last unanswered post (which was put on Norm’s blog, to his credit) is below:

Dear Norm,

I watched your program last night, and I was floored by your audacity in claiming that Romans 16:16 gives you permission to exist and a lack of such “proof” denies permission to other to call themselves part of the Body of Christ.

I hate to tell you this, but Romans 16:16 wasn’t talking about your church any more than it was talking about mine, and for a man of your intelligence to claim that your church is somehow that church is just absurd.

First, Paul was referring to a group of churches that existed two thousand years ago. Paul wasn’t thinking about you, he was thinking and referring to specific churches that existed at that time. Otherwise, how could he speak for them in sending their greetings?

Second, the concordance search you showed last night was pretty misleading. I say this because if you search for “church of Christ” it will come up with nothing, too. You searched for “Baptist church” and came up with nothing, and then “churches of Christ” and got Romans 16:16. And then you quickly spoke as if you had looked up the plural of each. That was misleading and a mite bit dishonest.

Third, I do find my church in the Bible. Do a concordance search for “presbytery”. 1 Tim 4:14 – Paul talks about the laying on of hands of the Presbytery – which is from the Greek “presbyterion” – meaning the body of elders, senate or council. The folks who started the “Presbyterian” church were referring to this form of church government.

So, in conclusion, my church’s claim for existence is just as valid as your church – and your claim is pretty flimsy.

Of course, you will get into arguments about baptism, but since we’ve already discussed baptism, I want to point out the faultiness of this Romans 16:16 claim.

Speaking of Romans 16:16, do you greet one another with holy kisses in the church of Christ? If not, why not? Aren’t you commanded to do so?


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