One thought on “What about the thief on the cross?

  1. I can tell you now that this subject will be the hardest to debate with them and they have each argument covered that can be thrown at them. I walk somewhere in the middle of what they teach and what most teach. I have never seen their view of Acts 2:38 shot down and I have used that myself against others. I know each and every argument they will say on this verse and trust me, they have it covered pretty good. From the the usage of the greek word FOR ( EIS ) to the subject verb agreement. I can tell you from experience that this will be very hard as they already know each point to defend baptism as they see it…I draw the line with them when they exclude people “because they were saved for the purpose of being forgiven”. Even if they are correct about baptism playing a role in forgiveness ( not saying they are ) they are wrong to say that if a person doesnt understand the purpose of baptism, that they are lost. In other words not only is one saved at the point of baptism, but they must understand that baptism is for the pupose of sins being washed away. So you are saved by baptism and your understanding of baptism….Keep in my I am not suggesting they are correct…I dont agree with this part at all…but I am somewhere in the middle. The difference with me is I can be united with you, even though we might not agree totally, but with them, you must be 100% with them or you are lost and hell bound. By the way, although I am somewhere in the middle on baptism, I do not believe in a works salvation…nothing man does or can do could merit his salvation…Christ is the one who saves…not any works that we can do

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