Why start this blog?

If you live anywhere in southcentral Virginia, or northcentral North Carolina, you are aware of the Church of Christ because of their weekly television broadcasts. When I first moved into this area, I started watching because I thought they were pretty sharp Bible teachers. But then, if you watch with any regularity, you know that the Church of Christ pastors who appear on-air in this region teach regularly that their way is the only way to heaven, and if you are in any other church, regardless of that church’s doctrine or theology, you are bound for hell.

Well, I’ve been having conversations with these folks through their blogs, and realized that my desire to discuss these issues goes beyond what they are able to offer on their blog. They have done a pretty good job of answering the questions that I ask, but I grew a bit tired of posting a question and then waiting sometimes several days for my question to appear on their blog, and so I thought I’d just create this space for me to post my questions immediately. Then, if they want to respond, they can.

So, this blog is my place to talk about my thoughts concerning the issues they raise on their television broadcasts and blogs, and I would invite anyone who is from the Church of Christ to post their thoughts in response. Also, if you have had experience with the Church of Christ, and you would like to input thoughts, go for it. But, let’s keep it civil, and remember that whatever church body you belong to, if you profess to follow Christ, you have certain standards of behavior that you have agreed to adhere to.

Like Jesus said in Luke 10:27, “Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your strength and with all your mind’ ; and, ‘Love your neighbor as yourself.”

Here at this blog, we’re all neighbors, looking to understand who we are in Christ.

Sola Dei Gloria!



2 thoughts on “Why start this blog?

  1. Here is a question: How can the church of Christ be so devided on many issues and claim unity, and at the same time preach against people in denominations. Sound like they are feeding people from a dirty bowl to me. I find it strange that they NEVER tell people how devided they really are…maybe they can do a program on this and explain how thier sects are not the same as denomintions. The fact is that the church of Christ have many denominations under the banner “church of Christ”.

  2. Here is another question: Can anyone in the church of Christ show me one sincere person that desireed to follow Christ…and called a false teacher? The reason I ask this is because they ( James, Johnny, Norm ) consider other preachers that disagree with them to be a false teachers. Can anyone in the church of Christ show me a sincere person, who desired to follow Christ, referred to as a false teacher. They often pull scriptures from their context regarding false teachers and apply them to people who disagree with them… if you examine the scriptures about false teachers, these were people who did not desire to have Christ…very unlike the people that Johnny, James, and Norm call false teachers. If a false teacher is one who is mistaken on something or doesnt fully understand something, then we are all false teacherss and all are doomed, seeing not one person understands the entire bible perfectly. Look at the contect when false teachers are spoken of…its not directed to sincere people, who honestly desire Christ…its directed to people who deny the the Lord, wells without water…never directed to one who desires to be saved.

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